Why is this important to know?

In a nutshell, your values drive your life. Those things that are most important to you act as the Google search in your subconscious, constantly seeking to fulfil your underlying priorities in life. Kind of important? I think so, in fact I know so.

Not only are these the key drivers of pretty much all decisions that you make, but by bringing your highest values into your conscious awareness, you can begin to live your life intentionally focussed on these priorities. This is where fulfilment sets in, inspiration comes alive and you begin to accelerate towards your goals. 

Something you may have heard (once or twice!) and I'm going to say it again: You are unique. You're different to anyone else. And, you're actually a different person to the person you were years ago. We grow, we change and sometimes the priorities we had in our life years ago habitually remain the ones that we feel we should be aiming for today. But, what if those priorities expired and we didn't stop check in with ourselves to consciously think of what is important to us today?

What is this about?

The study of values is an arm of philosophy called Axiology. 

Everybody has an individual set of values of what is most important to them and these values actually drive their whole decision making process, impacting almost every part of life. To know what these values are, bringing them from habits and sub-conscious actions to conscious recognition, can be life changing.

Although, finding what they are is the easy bit. It’s what you do with this information that matters most.

How do I do it?

There is a practical exercise attached for you to download. It includes 12 questions for you to answer. Before you begin, please consider the following;

Firstly, when thinking about your values, put aside the nice, fluffy things like honesty, integrity, freedom, etc and think about values in terms of what actual living, doing or tangible ingredients you prioritise in your daily life. The questions attached will help you cut straight through to what they are. Just write all the answers honestly, what they actually are, rather than what you think they should be or want them to be.

Tip: Take a few breaths and get some head space before you sit down to complete this. If you did it straight after a crazy day at work, your answers would reflect one crazy day rather than the way you generally live your life. Take a breather first.

Secondly, the key is to then start arranging your life to do as much of these things as possible. Your brain is already physiologically wired to seek this life so the more you can live this way, the more opportunities will appear and the more life will unfold.

I keep realising, more and more every day, what a massive impact this has on life once you really start to align yourself in this way. It’s a really juicy topic so if you have questions, please just get in touch. I’m only an email away!

by Michelle

Thank you!

by Michelle

I discovered you through Alexx Stuart's Go Low Tox Course. I did your Values Determination free course this morning and even though it was simple and didn't take me much time, I gained so much insight. For months now I have been really trying to nail down my core values but I've felt a little lost, overwhelmed, and confused about how to go about it. The questions you ask in your course led me to a really clear picture of what my values are, and I feel so good about them! :) Thanks again, Michelle

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